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Keeping a blog (and not a tumblr blog) was an idea I fancied but I never quite got around to the dirt and details. With my upcoming birthday, I decided it was time to do some investigation and put myself to work. So here I am, getting ready to begin something of a birthday resolution and I am pretty excited.

art by C.L.Mac
art by C.L.Mac

There is more to be found on be on the Bio/Contact Info page but in short, I have been writing since I was in grade school and inventing stories (more like discovering them in my head) from an even younger age. Boxes, shelves, and folders in my computer hold my world of stories and notes. I wrote short-stories now and then in between writing full length novels but I was  one of those people who were told not to waste my time with short stories. My original issue with that however was that on average, I have a new story concept pop into my brain at least once a week.   Reasonably, I have either been writing them when I felt like it and summarizing them in a collective journal I labeled, Little Beginnings. Now, Little Beginnings by C. L. Mac is not something you are going ever find published however I see it as part of a new experience.

Of course, not all of these ideas were born for the short story format nor do I wish to resurrect  works of my past. I’d like this to be a fresh beginning. Today is the start of my second NaNoWriMo challenge, the Camp edition, and between bouts of writing for the  work I had been planning throughout March, I plan to get started on my new life challenge. Whatever this comes to be, I hope it will be a journey of growth.

I am downright unsure – as its been a while since I regularly pursued short stories – how many I can come up with and complete so for now the goal is one every two weeks. On the weeks in between, and weeks in which my short story simply does not satisfy me, I’ll approach other book related topics.

Because of my Camp NaNo participation and traveling, its unlikely that I will finish any short stories this month however May is National Short Story Month and I find it might be a bit poetic for this adventure to take flight then.

What do you think are the merits of short stories? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

~C. L. Mac

(Also, for those who see the state of this blog, please excuse the temporary sketch as the header!)