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A picture of me at Disneyland on Sister Day promising to make my dreams a reality.
A picture of me at Disneyland on Sister Day promising to make my dreams a reality.

I’ve always been a storyteller; my childhood’s greatest joys have been in sharing stories – or going on my own adventures. Family will describe me in my little form as a kid lost in my imagination.

During a summer in grade school, I discovered my grandmother’s typewriter and suddenly entertained the idea of putting my stories on paper. From that moment, stories flew from my pen and hands, were born, and expanded. Writing has remained the passion of my life. It will always be this way.

I consider myself a fantasy writer although I venture into other genres of fiction now and then. When I write, I write first and foremost for myself, the enjoyment of writing. There is so much I wish to convey – my hopes, my beliefs, my truths, emotions, and experiences -but most of all I want to share and inspire as so many others have done and are doing. (In a fantastical way, of course!) The ultimate goal is to be published and my only wish for successful books is simply to broaden the reach of my work.

Art is something that has been slowly weaseling its way into my life though I admit I often think that I should fit more time into my life for it than I actually do. However, I’ve definitely come a long way on my own and some of it will appear on this blog. More of my work is updated on my deviantart gallery and more regularly on my sketch & wip tumblr (which also has my finished work.)


If you would like to contact me, please email me at
My twitter is @AriusAlaiis
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However, if its concerning my art, please write me at
(I like my emails organized! ha ha)
Or visit my gallery at

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